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photos of your everyday life [entries|friends|calendar]
photos of your everyday life

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Some pics of my neighbourhood: [11 Jan 2004|05:43pm]

Our backyard, the garden area and the neighbour house:

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[22 Dec 2003|08:37pm]

Can't decide between this layout and the possibility to see user pics. When I choosed this style (disjointed), I didn't notice that it doesn't show the user pics. What do you think is better?
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Christmas decoration [15 Dec 2003|08:07pm]

I just took some photos of my Christmassy decoration.
The first two are in my livingroom. I got the red table cloth and the golden plate today at work as a present.

my little "town" grows from year to year.

And this one is in my kitchen:

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want to introduce myself [14 Dec 2003|02:13pm]

Hi, my name is Ines, I created this community.

You're welcome to join the community. Feel free to post your pictures here. But please do not post any sex photos or highly artistic photos like single raindrops on a stone or something here. Not that I don't like those but there are other communities to post them. :)
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