Morning Dew (morning_dew) wrote in show_your_life,
Morning Dew

want to introduce myself

Hi, my name is Ines, I created this community.

You're welcome to join the community. Feel free to post your pictures here. But please do not post any sex photos or highly artistic photos like single raindrops on a stone or something here. Not that I don't like those but there are other communities to post them. :)
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Deleted comment

Hello and welcome. I'm happy to have you here.
It's very nice of genesisdiem to advertise my community a little.

hi, i happened to read your LJ today, and i think you are so lovely, so i decided to leave some message here. alas, i don't have any pic of mine righ away, cause i am on the campus, after i am back home several hours later today, i think i'll upload my pic , if you don't mind. : )
Hi and thank you. Of course you're welcome to join the community and show your pics here. :)
alas, it seems that i can find nowhere to upload my pic here. Vielleicht liegt es daran , dass ich kein bezahltes Konto besitzt habe. :( eitherways.
Nein nein, daran liegt es nicht (ich hab auch kein bezahltes). Um in einer community Bilder zu posten oder auch selbst Beiträge dort zu schreiben, musst Du der community erstmal beitreten. Du musst dazu auf info klicken (user info) und ganz oben findest Du dann einen Link, wo Du drauf klicken kannst, um der community beizutreten.
Natürlich musst Du Dein Bild schon irgendwo auf einem Webserver haben. Einfach von der Festplatte aus geht nicht.
Probier's einfach nochmal :)
thank you very much, i'll try to upload one tonight, hoffe, dass es klappen kann. :)
I love your hair color.
Thank you :)